XXV. InterBase functions

InterBase is a popular database put out by Borland/Inprise. More information about InterBase is available at http://www.interbase.com/. Oh, by the way, Interbase just joined the open source movement!

Table of Contents
ibase_connect — Open a connection to an InterBase database
ibase_pconnect — Creates an persistent connection to an InterBase database
ibase_close — Close a connection to an InterBase database
ibase_query — Execute a query on an InterBase database
ibase_fetch_row — Fetch a row from an InterBase database
ibase_fetch_object — Get an object from a InterBase database
ibase_free_result — Free a result set
ibase_prepare — Prepare a query for later binding of parameter placeholders and execution
ibase_bind — Bind placeholder parameters from a previously prepared query
ibase_execute — Execute a previously prepared query
ibase_free_query — Free memory allocated by a prepared query
ibase_timefmt — Sets the format of datetime columns returned from queries
ibase_num_fields — Get the number of rows in a result set