LIV. Vmailmgr functions

These functions require qmail and the vmailmgr package by Bruce Guenter.

For all functions, the following two variables are defined as: string vdomain the domain name of your virtual domain ( string basepwd the password of the 'real' user that holds the virtual users

Only up to 8 characters are recognized in passwords for virtual users

Return status for all functions matches response in response.h

O ok
1 bad
2 error
3 error connecting

Known problems: vm_deluser() does not delete the user directory as it should. vm_addalias() currently does not work correctly.

  2 <?php
  3 dl(""); //load the shared library
  4 $vdomain="";
  5 $basepwd="password";
  6 ?>

Table of Contents
vm_adduser — Add a new virtual user with a password
vm_addalias — Add an alias to a virtual user
vm_passwd — Changes a virtual users password
vm_delalias — Removes an alias
vm_deluser — Removes a virtual user