32.23. role_table_grants

The view role_table_grants identifies all privileges granted on tables or views to a group that the current user is a member of. Further information can be found under table_privileges.

Table 32-21. role_table_grants Columns

NameData TypeDescription
grantorsql_identifierName of the user that granted the privilege
granteesql_identifierName of the group that the privilege was granted to
table_catalogsql_identifierName of the database that contains the table (always the current database)
table_schemasql_identifierName of the schema that contains the table
table_namesql_identifierName of the table
privilege_typecharacter_data Type of the privilege: SELECT, DELETE, INSERT, UPDATE, REFERENCES, RULE, or TRIGGER
is_grantablecharacter_dataYES if the privilege is grantable, NO if not
with_hierarchycharacter_dataApplies to a feature not available in PostgreSQL